My 2015 Travel Journalism Resolutions

These past few months I feel like I’ve really been neglecting my blog, which isn’t very helpful since I’d like to start using it as a source of income. In August I started a new job, which has me in front of a computer from 9-5:30 every week day – you can imagine that the last thing I want to do is stare at another screen at the end of the day! And as much as I love my featured blogger series, it just isn’t the basis for what I’d like my blog to be – about my love for travel. Continue Reading


Thanks to a lovely interview with Genevieve!

This week we’re learning about Marcia! 

This interview is a particular favorite of mine as we’re meeting a fellow Compostela lover and temporary citizen, Trevor!

Sandals Resorts: A Travel Agent’s Perspective

This week I attended the Sandals’s Mega Fam trip (familiarization trip) where travel agents from all over the Midwest met up at O’Hare to take a chartered flight and visit three resorts on three islands in three days! Continue Reading

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This week we’re getting to know Emily!

Christmas Gifts for the Travel-Lover in Your Life

Stuck on thoughts for the perfect gift? These are all items that I own and love or have on my wishlist. I can say with certainty that any traveler would be happy to take these items on their next trip! Continue Reading

Hello, Julia from Epic Adventurer!

Travel Product Review: Durable Waterproof Travel Document holder

Hi all! I recently bought a travel document holder on Ebay to help control all my documents when I travel. If you’re okay with making online purchases in foreign countries, this might be something to consider. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to buy one, but on my recent trip to Cancun I noticed that all my papers were kind of all over the place and separate from my passport so I wanted to see what options I had to be more organized. I came across a holder similar to this and figured for just a few bucks it makes sense and I’ll give it a try – naturally I got the fuchsia pink :)

What really drew me to purchasing it was the waterproof characteristic. That just about trumps all the others since I’m prone to spilling and the last thing I need is for my passport and papers to get soaked. Honestly the first thing I did was run it under water for a second when I unwrapped it and it did seem pretty waterproof. It has a plastic lining on the inside so it was pretty dry.

I also really like that it has a pen holder, which I always seem to forget to bring with. That way I can just keep it all in one spot and not lose it.

I wrote my name and contact information in permanent marker on the inside, too. One con is that it doesn’t have an actual slot in which I can stick an identification card or something, but I suppose writing in permanent marker is a little safer.

Another con is that it’s a little tough to open and shut. The zipper doesn’t seem to work very well with the design. I haven’t had any true problems with this, however, when it’s really stuffed with papers I can see how it might become an issue.

Anyway next Monday I’m off to see some of the Sandals/Beaches resorts and will be using this lovely document holder for the first time! I’ll be sure to update my review after I get back!


Yep, this document holder was pretty awesome. It had a pocket for everything and more! I do wish it had a longer zipper strap since I did find it a little tough to zip up, but I actually thought it got easier the fuller it got. And I had a large wad of singles in there so it was nice that it worked out! I would recommend buying this if you, like myself, tend to dig around for the important documents and your passport!

This week we’re speaking with Jerry!