Travel Tips

Travel Tip Tuesday: Creating a Playlist of Your Trip

Studying abroad in Spain meant many long nights of dancing in clubs to Spanish music (and actually a lot of English music). After I left for home, I found myself really missing that scene, so I decided to make a…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Travel Blogs to Check Out for Inspiration

These are a few of my favorite travel blogs, ones that I always look to for inspiration and wanderlust ideas! They’ve all got such wonderful content that makes me feel so inadequate and inexperienced in comparison. Check them out and…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Manicuring Before Takeoff

I admit it, I’m a huge nail polish fanatic. I take full advantage of Ulta’s $3.50 off $10 purchase at least once a month and buy myself a new OPI, eagerly applying it as soon as I get home. My…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: How I Organize for a Trip

I’m the ultimate organizer. I can’t stand not knowing what’s going on when I get somewhere or not having an itinerary. This past summer we took a family trip to Australia for 5 weeks and naturally my first instinct was…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Toiletry Bag Organization!

Today I got a new toiletry bag for my carry on, which seems to be the ultimate bag for my necessities. It’s a Ricardo bag found at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s made with water resistant fabric. Even though…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: JOBY Gpod Mini Magnetic Flexible Tripod

If there’s anything a solo-traveler with a basic point-and-shoot camera absolutely needs, it’s one of these babies. I discovered it somehow online and immediately bought one. Not only do the legs easily grip around or stand firmly on most items,…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: The Coach Curse: How to Actually Enjoy the Long Haul Flight

If you’re like me, flying any level above economy is an unattainable luxury that’ll likely never happen. To me, it’s just a waste of my precious souvenir/hotel/restaurant funds. In this case, it really is about the destination and not the…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Samantha’s Top Ten Travel-Themed Pins

Pinterest, the ultimate time-passer, has become my new favorite search engine. There is no better way to prepare for your next adventure or project. Here are my top ten travel-themed pins that deserve a look! The inevitable packing list.

Travel Tip Tuesday: Don’t forget the extra underwear! Packing list for young women.