Monthly Archive: August 2014

This week we peek into the world of Molly from Travel With Molly!

Would You Eat It? Custard pastry in Lisbon

Known as the “pastel de Belém”, this amazing custard tarte is the main attraction in this area of Lisbon. For 1 euro each, the line goes outside the door and people order it by the pack. It’s certainly a different…
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5 Places I’d Like to Revisit

1. New York City This photo is from my first time as an adult in New York City. My cousin lives an hour’s bus ride away so we visited this past Christmas and hopped on the bus which took us…
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2nd Liebster Nomination!

Thanks to Kate Off Exploring I’ve received my second Liebster nomination! I’ve seen some different rules for this process but I guess that’s just the result of playing the telephone game online

This week we look at one of my favorite bloggers, Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings!

Would You Eat It? Pistachio Macaron in Paris

After taking in the Louvre and feeling like treating myself, I walked down Avenue des Champs-Elysees, arguably the main street in Paris that is full of shops and celebrities. I walked into a small shopping center, almost like a market,…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Toiletry Bag Organization!

Today I got a new toiletry bag for my carry on, which seems to be the ultimate bag for my necessities. It’s a Ricardo bag found at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s made with water resistant fabric. Even though…
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So, Do You Speak Indian?

For my entire life, I have been asked that question, among several other inquiries, including, “Does your family worship cows?” and “Do you ever wear that dot on your head?” I guess I should explain that I receive these questions…
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Would You Eat It? Black Spaghetti in Porto, Portugal

Unfortunately I didn’t note the restaurant, but I had this amazing dish along side the Rio Duoro (Duoro River) in Porto, Portugal – it was the best meal I had in the city! Black spaghetti with prawns and grape tomatoes….
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Travel Tip Tuesday: JOBY Gpod Mini Magnetic Flexible Tripod

If there’s anything a solo-traveler with a basic point-and-shoot camera absolutely needs, it’s one of these babies. I discovered it somehow online and immediately bought one. Not only do the legs easily grip around or stand firmly on most items,…
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