Monthly Archive: September 2014

9 Things an American Learns After Visiting Australia

Ameristralia? Please. After spending five weeks in Australia, I can definitely consider myself an expert (okay, not really) when it comes to the differences between the United States and Australia and how each has its perks and pitfalls in its…
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Let’s peek into the world of Emme from Travarella!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Creating a Playlist of Your Trip

Studying abroad in Spain meant many long nights of dancing in clubs to Spanish music (and actually a lot of English music). After I left for home, I found myself really missing that scene, so I decided to make a…
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Top 5 Friday: Carry-On Items

Here are my top 5 items that I ALWAYS carry on with me, aside from the usual passport, money, etc! 1. An eye mask: it’s never dark enough to really sleep without them. People passing by and TV screens always…
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I love vegetarianism and how it relates to travel so I was super excited when Katie Baxter of World Wide Vegetarian did an interview with me! Check out her answers below!

Would You Eat It? Balut

There aren’t many foods I’m picky about, but I definitely wouldn’t eat this one. I can barely even think about it. I’ve seen it eaten by Andrew Zimmern and Karl Pilkington’s taxi driver, but that’s the closest I myself will get…
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Travel Blogs to Check Out for Inspiration

These are a few of my favorite travel blogs, ones that I always look to for inspiration and wanderlust ideas! They’ve all got such wonderful content that makes me feel so inadequate and inexperienced in comparison. Check them out and…
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My A-Z Travel Blogging Tips

I’ve seen a few of these around, one of my favorites being from All Things Beautiful, which inspired me to create my own relating mostly to travel blogging. Affiliate yourself with organizations related to travel blogging, such as the Travel Blog Traffic…
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Top 5 Friday: Online Travel Magazines

This week we’re looking into my top five online travel magazines/networks: 1. Matador Network I have to start with this one. Matador Network, partner with MatadorU, an online travel journalism university, is the perfect place to check out fabulous, and quite…
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