Travel Tip Tuesday: JOBY Gpod Mini Magnetic Flexible Tripod

If there’s anything a solo-traveler with a basic point-and-shoot camera absolutely needs, it’s one of these babies:

Photo is from

I discovered it somehow online and immediately bought one. Not only do the legs easily grip around or stand firmly on most items, its magnetic feet stick hard to metals so my Sony Cybershot is safe even on a windy bridge. PLUS it’s so small and light weight that I just throw it in my purse. My family was very impressed while on our recent trip to Australia when we didn’t even to ask any random strangers to take our pictures – I simply screwed this little guy into my camera, put on the timer, and stuck it to a metal pole. There is a longer version but I like to travel as light as possible. They even have an attachment for your iPhone, believe it or not!

Go and buy this before your next trip!

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