Top 5 Friday: Carry-On Items

Here are my top 5 items that I ALWAYS carry on with me, aside from the usual passport, money, etc!

1. An eye mask: it’s never dark enough to really sleep without them. People passing by and TV screens always distract me! I like an eye mask with a thick strap (adjustable if possible) and dark lining.

2. Hand sanitizer: you never know if someone wiped their boogers under your seat.

3. A good pair of headphones: I have a very comfortable pair of headphones that I bought in Australia from a store called Typo (a writer’s dream store). They are cushioned and completely cover my ears, drowning out any noise. I used them while flying back on Qantas and they were great!

4. A big, comfy sweatshirt: I have my boyfriend’s old soccer sweatshirt from high school that I’ve turned into rags but love all the same. It’s big enough for me to pull my arms inside and cover up my whole head with the hood. Super comfy!

5. Chapstick: there’s not much worse than chapped lips and not having a way to fix it. It’s easy to get dehydrated up in the air and fix that with a cup of water, but they don’t have chapstick on the menu. This I always keep in my pocket since I find myself renewing it hourly.

Top 5

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