Travel Tip Tuesday: Toiletry Bag Organization!

Today I got a new toiletry bag for my carry on, which seems to be the ultimate bag for my necessities. It’s a Ricardo bag found at Bed Bath and Beyond and it’s made with water resistant fabric. Even though my Australia trip is a couple months away, I like to have my toiletry case ready to go at anytime! So, here is how I organized my new bag!

It has three outside pockets as well as a hanging hook.
In the large pocket I put empty snack bags for collecting beach sand, a permanent marker, and a carabiner.
In the side zipper pouch I have a snack bag of first aid supplies, a pen, and hand sanitizer.
In the mesh pocket I have a packet of tissue.
Here’s a full open view. It has a hanger inside for when in use.
In the top pocket, which has a leak proof lining, I have my makeup. I don’t use much makeup so this space is perfect.
In the middle mesh pocket I keep my Norwex body cloth, which allows it to breathe a little.
Here’s a view of the inside. In the three back pockets I keep 2oz bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and mini toothpaste each in its own snack bag. Can never be too careful. On the left I have a mini brush and toothbrush tube. On the right is my razor and St. Ive’s apricot scrub. In the middle I keep a sewing kit, wrapped with a rubber band, mini deodorant, and a SeaToSummit fast drying towel.
Here’s how much space there is left without the towel.
Finally in the front mesh pocket I keep a snack bag of q-tips, hair ties, and bobby pins.

Here’s my sewing kit I put together. You can find this container in the Walmart travel section. I like to keep a rubber band around it for extra precaution against loose needles.

Here’s the bag inside a carry-on suitcase. It’s definitely bulky, but it’ll hold everything you need.
There you go! That’s how I organize my toiletry case. It’s always sitting ready in my carry-on bag in my closet. Guess you could say I’m always ready for my next voyage :)



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